03-15-16University of Pittsburgh School of Medicine "The Neurobiology of Disease: Lecture on Autism"
01-21-16Massachusetts Neurology Grand Rounds "Understanding Autism"
10-22-152nd Annual North Dakota ASD Conference "North Dakota-Moving Forward Together"
09-28-15Pediatric Epidemiology Course Autism Lecture "The "ASD" in All People"
08-26-15Pittsburgh Public Schools 2015 Arts Summit "Teaching The Arts to Students with Autism"
03-11-15Autism Research Institute (ARI) Webinar "ICONz® Intervention for school-aged children"
09-13-14Autism Conferences of America-Arizona "Back to School and More" Autism/Aspergers Conference “Cognitive Enhancement Therapy and Enriched Supportive Therapy for Adolescents and Adults with ASD” and "ICONz® Intervention for Adolescents and Adults with ASD"
12-12-13Shadyside Hospital Foundation Board: UPMC Shadyside "The Science of Autism: Transformative Advances Paving the Way to a New Future of Treatment and Care"
10-26-13Autism Society of Northwest Pa.-Autism in our Community Conference "The Science of Autism: Transformative Advances Paving the Way to a New Future of Treatment and Care"
09-26-13Autism-Europe Hungarian Autistic Society-10th International Congress "Milestones in Autism Research: Clues to the Future of Treatment"
03-09-13Lindamood-Bell 18th International Conference "The Science of Autism: Transformative Advances in the Making"
01-12-13Center for Autism and Related Disorders (CARD) Conference Six New Things About AutismCARDKeynote2013_finalrevised
12-04-12Prairie St. John's Fall Workshop "A Different Sense of Reality: Helping Professionals Understand the Brain & Mind in ASD"
10-25-12Kennedy Krieger Institute Center for Autism and Related Disorder's 12th Annual Autism Conference "Information Processing & Brain Connectivity in ASD""12th Annual Autism Conference Innovative Advancements in Autism Spectrum Disorders"
10-10-12Parents in Toto-Heroes for Autism Benefit "My Life in Autism: Ideas, Information and Hope"
05-18-12International Meeting for Autism Research (IMFAR) "Biology-Based Intermediate Phenotypes in Autism: Hope or Hype?"
03-01-12Case Western Reserve University "The Evolution of Autism Research: A Child Neurologist's Perspective"
02-21-12University of Utah Neuroscience Seminar What We Don’t Know About Autism or A Child Neurologist’s Perspective
09-16-11Annual American Association of Oral and Maxillofacial Surgeons-Symposium on the Special Needs Patient Current Concepts in Autism
05-04-11Westmoreland Intermediate Unit #7 & University of Pittsburgh at Greensburg "ASD: Research to Practice in the 21st Century"
04-06-11Simons Initiative on Autism and the Brain at MIT and the Autism Consortium "Importance of Autism As A Neurologic Disorder: Implications For Understanding Cause and For Intervention"
03-11-1117th Annual Lindamood-Bell® International Conference "The Pathway to New Interventions for ASD: Defining Mechanisms and Translation to Treatments"
11-16-10PACT 4 Families Collaborative "9th Annual Brain Conference"
"How do the brain & mind think & feel in autism"
11-04-10Geneva Centre for Autism International Symposium
"ASD: Research to Practice in the 21st Century"
11-04-10Geneva Centre for Autism International Symposium
"From Diagnosis to Intervention: Translating Research Into Practice"
10-28-10Kennedy Krieger Institute,
"New Advancements in Autism Diagnosis and Intervention" (no slides)
10-27-10Medical and Health Sciences Foundation (MHSF) & Achievement Rewards for College Scientists (ARCS), Pittsburgh
"Autism panel discussion with experts from CMU and Pitt"
10-08-10IX International Congress, Autism-Europe
"Neural Basis of Autism"
06-23-10Autism Society of Vermont & University of Vermont
"Understanding How the Mind & Brain Think in Autism"
04-30-10Autism Society of Minnesota "Autism Today: Where We Are & Where We're Going"
04-23-10Sharon Regional Behavioral Health Services
"Understanding How the Mind & Brain Think in Autism"
04-01-10FBR Bridges to Hope Autism Awareness Night,
"Understanding Causes and Treatments of ASD in the Next 25 Years"
03-05-10Autism for our Neurosciences and Mental Health Programme,
"Understanding ASD in the 21st Century: Putting the Pieces Together"
11-19-09ASHA Division I Language Learning Education
"How the Brain Thinks in Autism: Implications for Language Intervention"
11-12-09Autism Course for PGY 2 Adult Psychiatry Residents
"Neurologic Basis of Autism"
11-13-09ARC Annual National "Inspiring Innovation: With Adversity Comes Opportunity"
"How the Brain in Autism Defines the World: A Different Sense of Reality"
11-07-09Interdisciplinary Council on Developmental and Learning Disorders (ICDL)
"The Details are in the Connections: Deciphering Heterogeneity in ASD"
11-02-09Wesley Spectrum Services Night for Autism
"Autism in the 21st Century"
06-25-092009 PA Immunization Conference
"The State of Autism Research: What Do We Know?
06-24-09Cold Spring Harbor Workshop on Autism Spectrum Disorder
"Adults with Autism"
06-06-09Bowling Green State University - One Day Summit on Autism
"Understanding how the Mind and Brain think in Autism"
"The Cause of Autism: Its Footprint Tells"
"Medical Consultation Medical Aspects of Autism-Meeting with Physicians"
05-22-093rd International Conference "Communication; the key to success"

"How Does the Mind and Brain Think in Autism"

"The Causes of Autism: Its Footprint Tells"
05-17-09APA Annual Meeting

"Neuropsychiatry Advances in Autism"
05-08-09International Society for Autism Research 2009 (IMFAR)

"Facial Recognition, Configural Processing and Concept Formation in High-Functioning Autism"
04-09-09Autism Course for PGY 5 Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Fellows

"Autism as a Developmental Neurobiologic Disorder"
04-07-09Autism Society of America, Manchester Chapter

"Autism: What We Know; Important Research Developments"
03-26-09Autism Course for PGY 4 Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Fellows
"Neurobiologic Basis of Autism"
03-11-09Wolfson Children’s Hospital Autism Grand Rounds

"How do the brain & mind think & feel in autism?"

"What is the Cause of Autism: The Footprint Tells"
03-10-09Wolfson Children’s Hospital Autism Symposium, "Autism: From Men & Mice"
02-27-09University of Pittsburgh NIMH Fellowship Program
"Recognizing Autism and the New Concepts about Neurobiology"
02-26-09University of Pittsburgh, Greensburg campus
"Autism: What We Know"
02-06-09UCLA Center for Autism Research and Treatment
"Autism: From Men and Mice With Wise Comments from Mars"
01-29-09Allegheny General Hospital Grand Rounds
"An Integration of the Neurobiology of Autism "
01-14-09Robert Wood Johnson Medical School, Neurology Grand Rounds
"From Behavioral Neurology to Neurobiology of Autism"
11-20-08Autism Course for PGY 2 Child and Adolescent Psychiatry Fellows
"Neurologic Basis of Autism”
10-18-0835th Annual Carnegie Mellon Meeting,
"Organizing Principles For Future Research in Autism: Where Do We Go From Here?"
10-03-08ACT – Autism Community Trainings Focus on Research
"Social Interactions, Sensory & Information Processing, and Genetic Discoveries in ASD, What is research telling us?"
10-01-08UPMC Depression Prevention Program and Carnegie Mellon University
Mental Health and Wellness Lecture Series
"Autism: What We Know"
09-26-08Orange County Department of Education
"The Neurologic Basis of Behavior in ASD: Implications for Learning & Intervention"
09-25-08Orange County Department of Education
"How Individuals with ASD Think and See the World & Recent Scientific Advances"
08-04-08The 12th annual National Autism Conference: Progress Through Partnership
"Medical complications of autism and the Autism Treatment Network"
06-26-08Minot State University, web cast for professionals
"Autism: A Neurologist's View"
06-12-08Minot State University, web cast for parents
“How The Brain in Autism Defines The World: A Different Sense of Reality”
06-10-082007-2008 Autism and Developmental Disorders Colloquium Series

"Autism as a widespread disorder of neural connectivity and information processing"
06-05-08Child Development Unit Grand Rounds
“Important Developments in Autism”
06-03-08Medical Genetics Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh

"Current Scientists’ Perspectives of Autism"
05-28-08The Hope Learning Center

"Understanding Thinking in Autism: The Key to Success in Communication & Intervention"
04-23-084th Annual Glenwood Endowed Lecture
"Identifying the Cognitive & Neurologic Basis of Autism: Single or Multiple Primary Deficits? Few or Many?"
04-13-08American Academy of Neurology (AAN) 2008 Annual Meeting,
"Autism as a Disruption in Neurocognitive Connectivity"
04-12-08LADDERS/Massachusetts General Hospital for Children Current Trends in Autism (CTIA) Conference,

"Autism as a Disorder of Neural Circuitry & Information Processing"
04-07-08Cafe Scientifique
"Autism: A Compelling Neuroscience Window on Brain Circuitry & Human Function"
03-26-08Maternal Child Health Symposium
"Autism and Autism Spectrum Disorders: What Do You Need to Know"
03-14-08Lindamood-Bell Learning Processes 16th Annual International Conference
"Visual Processing from Perception to Cognition in Autism: Implications for Intervention & Function"
02-06-08University of Pittsburgh, Biological Bases of Neuropsychiatric Disorders
"Discovering the Mind and the Brain in ASD"
10-19-07University of Louisville School of Medicine and Research
"Autism: Where We've Been, Where We Are, and Where We're Going"
09-19-07Three Rivers Youth Group
"Autism: What it is, What it isn’t"
08-02-07Summer Institute on Neurodevelopmental Disorders, MIND Institute, UC Davis Medical Center “The Cognitive Basis of Behavior in ASD: Implications for Learning and Intervention”
07-30-07The 10th annual National Autism Conference: Progress Through Partnership, "ASD: A Different Way of Thinking & Feeling Leads To A Different View "