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Emotional Awareness and Skills Enhancement Study (EASE)

This research study will evaluate a new treatment to improve emotion regulation in adolescents with autism spectrum disorders (ASD) who struggle with handling their emotions. This study includes individuals who have an ASD and difficulties with their emotions and who do not have any developmental or mental health problems.
This project is studying children and adolescents. The EASE project is no longer accepting participants.

EASE for All

The purpose of the EASE for All project is to gather viewpoints of emotion regulation and the services available to treat emotion regulation.  This will help us to better understand the needs of those with autism and their families to implement treatment options for emotion regulation within the community.
This project is working with adolescents, adults, caregivers and providers.

Autism Inpatient Research Collection (AIC)
The purpose of ADDIRC is to develop a comprehensive registry of clinical and biological data on severely affected children and adolescents with autism called the Autism Inpatient Collection (AIC).

This project is studying children and adolescents.

Emotion Dysregulation in ASD

The overall objective of this project is to develop and validate the Emotion Dysregulation Inventory (EDI), a new, sensitive outcome measure suitable for use across the spectrum of ASD severity and verbal ability.
This project is studying children, adolescents and adults.

Exploring Positive and Negative Dimensions in ASD (EXPAND)
The objective of this project is to develop and validate the a new measure to quantify variability within autism that can be targeted for intervention.
This project is seeking families with children ages 3-11.

Adult Functioning Scale 

The purpose of this project is to create a self-report measure of functional outcome for adults with autism and other developmental disabilities.  The availability of the Adult Functioning Scale for ASD is likely to yield a precise, efficient, and sensitive assessment, which will improve progress monitoring capabilities and support more informed adult transition policies.
The AFS study is accepting adults with an ASD or DD diagnosis and caregivers of adults with ASD or DD.

Evidence-Based Cognitive Rehabilitation to Improve Functional Outcomes for Adults with Autism Spectrum Disorders (The Perspectives Program)

The purpose of this project is to examine the potential benefits of two novel non-drug interventions; Cognitive Enhancement Therapy (CET) and Enriched Supportive Therapy (EST) in the treatment of adults with autism spectrum disorders.
CET is a comprehensive rehabilitation intervention designed to minimize social and non-social cognitive impairments that limit adaptive function and quality of life. The treatment integrates computer-based exercises with a small group-based social-cognitive curriculum.
EST is an individual supportive therapy approach that helps adults learn about their condition manage their emotions and stress, improve their social skills and cope with everyday problems.
This project is no longer accepting participants.