Autism Treatment Network

The Autism Treatment Network (ATN) is the nation’s first network of hospitals and multidisciplinary professionals aimed at bridging gaps in knowledge and understanding and improving medical treatment for individuals with autism. Through the ATN, children receive comprehensive care from professionals who have extensive experience working with the medical issues that arise with autism. In keeping with the collaborative nature of the ATN, professionals in the network share current best practices with a wide variety of other clinical programs and have a real commitment to treatment – based on strong clinical experience – and to finding better ways to identify and manage the health of children with autism.

The Child Development Unit at Children’s Hospital of Pittsburgh and the Center for Autism and Developmental Disorders serve preschoolers, children, and adolescents who have or are suspected of having autism, pervasive developmental disorders, Asperger’s syndrome, and related disorders. The two programs offer diagnostic evaluations, family support, parent training, behavioral consultation, resources and information, and medication management.

The Collaborative Autism Institute also provides access to a range of medical services addressing sleep, gastrointestinal, genetic-metabolic, and immune disorders often associated with autism spectrum disorders. The goal is to improve identification of the medical needs of children and adolescents with autism.  Children and adolescents receive diagnostic assessments and evaluations from physicians with experience working with individuals with autism.


For more information, please call: 412-235-5445