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The Center for Excellence
in Autism Research (CeFAR) at the University of Pittsburgh, under the
direction of Nancy J. Minshew, MD., Shaun M. Eack, PhD. and Carla A.
Mazefsky, PhD, is conducting research-based
interventions based on findings from previous studies on the cognitive, neurological and genetic basis of
autism spectrum disorders (ASD).  Our research group is working to
achieve this goal using multiple techniques with the help from both
children and adults with ASD along with their families.  Through
this research we hope to provide innovative treatment developments and
to advance public policy that will consistently improve the lives of
those with autism spectrum disorders.

This center has several
current research programs that are actively recruiting participants.This center contributes to the National Database for
Autism Research NDAR, a secure research data repository promoting data
sharing and collaboration among ASD investigators. The following video
will give you a better understanding of the goals for NDAR.

National Database for Autism Research (NDAR)

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